Daydreaming under a city pergola

Daydreaming under a city pergola,

There was a time we knew each other,

When days were blissfully round

And words had a clearer sound;

When frost coated leaves seemed

Ornate and cherished,

Falling in Cavatina tones

From sycamores overhead;

But now, the season’s have changed




Splitting seasoned oak logs

For my sixtieth birthday,

The scent of old cognac

Mingled with horse traipsed

Tronçais acorns;

Fresh cedar smoke

Heading for a gold leaf moon,

Cupped in a celestial catapult

Poised to be flung across a galaxy

of dark matter and sacred years,

With whitecaps marking life…





Local poet/writer. ‘There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.’ E. Hemingway. All ©️DMM